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5 Reasons To Give In To The Scratch Painting Trend

By Adrian Bernardo |

5 Reasons To Give In To The Scratch Painting Trend

One thing I loved doing as a kid was scratch painting. We would scribble with crayons, add black crayon on top of the color, and then scratch through to reveal the colors underneath. 

The latest scratch painting kits call to mind my childish attempts, although they’re much more detailed.

Adult scratch paintings are made of specially coated black board, printed with the intricate outline of a cityscape. You use a scratch tool to etch into the black film, uncovering luminous colors beneath as the picture comes to life.

So what’s the attraction?

Here are five good reasons to surrender to the Scratch Painting Movement:

  1. Scratch painting helps you relax and unwind.

Let’s face it — our lives are full of hectic commutes, long hours, tight deadlines and the stress of juggling our busy kids’ schedules. Studies show that mindful activities like scratch painting help you clear your mind and relax.

Sitting down and focusing your attention on one calming activity can have a tremendous effect on your mood, energy levels, and how well you sleep.

  1. Scratch Painting stimulates your right brain and helps you think more clearly.

If you’re not already nurturing your imagination daily, scratch painting helps you express your creativity in a fun and constructive way. 

Research shows you have your best ideas when the right side of your brain is stimulated. Scratch painting gets those creative juices flowing and helps you think outside the box (while trying to follow the lines).

  1. Scratch Painting makes for a fun night in with friends.

Scratch painting isn’t just a quiet, solo activity. I love inviting my friends over for a glass of wine and a scratch painting party. It’s a fun way to spend time with the people I love, and a welcome break from noisy, overpriced restaurants or crowded bars.

It’s also a great alternative to the conventional family movie night. Everyone from the kids to Grandma can get involved in creating their own scratch painting masterpieces. It’s a calming activity that really seems to bond our family and give us quality time together.

  1. Scratch painting is a great creative outlet.

No matter your artistic ability, there’s no right or wrong way to scratch paint. It’s your world – only follow the lines if you want to.

Many scratch paintings include a blank sheet for you to practice on, so you can create a design that’s completely your own.

  1. Scratch painting kits make the perfect gift.

Scratch painting is a hobby that appeals to everyone, from stressed-out career women to elderly people wanting to hone their motor skills.

There are scratch paintings for kids too, and it’s the perfect way to get them off their devices.

Scratch painting kits are a perfect birthday or holiday gift for that one person who seemingly has everything.